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Saw The Book of Oded Chapter 2 last! A tour de force by Oded Kassirer...a beautifully crafted play of love sought, love lost, and love found... The Direction and Lighting by Sammie Wayne was particular, I loved the 2 props which turned, and in concert with the lights and the dialogue, segued effortlessly and magically into another place and time... Finally, Oscar Ibarra's Production let us all in on a labor of love come to life... Bravo, all! 




Went to see my friend Oded Kassirer in his original play The Book of Oded, Chapter 2. A very moving and relatable performance. It is also produced by his husband Oscar A Ibarra. Check it out!



Really amazing performance. You should be very proud of manifesting your dream!!




It was a truly moving and entertaining show. Bravo Oded Kassirer!



Amazing show Friday night at 2 Roads Oded! 

Thank you for inviting me into your world.



I loved The Book of Oded, Chapter 2. You were outstanding Oded.




I hope you could make it to this very personal, fun, sad, happy, relatable and hopeful - one man's play - The Book of Oded, CH2.



I loved it!






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