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You are superb, such a pillar of truthfulness that oozed out with effortlessness because you, Oded Kassirer, are a force of nature. I'm so happy you shared such wondrously, private moments that define you as a human being. Thank you for having the courage, strength & emotional focus to include me on your journey to find and always be LOVE! I'm so inspired...Go!!!

Leilani Marie Smith




Enjoying the magic journey of one mans' wonderful life. 

Thank you to Oded Kassirer and Oscar A Ibarra in sharing such a great story.  

Jason Rush




Tonight, I saw Oded Kassirer's one-man show, his story of love and loss great challenges. 

Very personal, deeply moving, warm, affectionate and full of humor. Oded is eminently watchable, 

and the show is well crafted. If you like liking people, you have to check it out. He only has 4 more shows. The Book of Oded, Chapter 2

Brendan Cadigan weinhold



Happy for you my friend cause you are so gifted!

Michelle Steverson



 I laughed, and cried... And left feeling inspired and moved by the openness and honesty of the show. 

Thank you Oded Kassirer and Oscar A Ibarra for including us all in your journey.

Jollen Nordstrom



This was a terrific show. A great glimpse into Oded Kassirer's life. A real and truly heartfelt story about love, loss, and living. Highly recommended and worth your time.

Jerry Don Chappell



Hey peeps. .. you should come out and experience this amazing story of Oded Kassirer! 

I saw it last week and it was well told and heart warming. I even want to see it again.

Balthazar Rhodas




Congrats to Oded! What a great show! I highly recommend EVERYONE go see this amazing show! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll leave feeling jubilant!

Tuka Farzadnia



Great one show I'd recommend to anyone to see. The book of Oded by a the talented Oded Kassirer. Saw the show tonight during opening night and it was heart filling and hilarious at the same time. Great job my friend

Tim Ingles



I loved your show soooo much Oded!!! It was wonderful!

Ricki Bhullar


Peeps - for four more nights only - please come and see this performance by my dear brother Oded Kassirer and produced by his beloved partner in crime Oscar A Ibarra! Beyond! If you've ever loved or lived...this is for YOU!! 

Louisa Relia


Congratulations to Oded Kassirer on his opening night of his one-man show! Your hard work and dedication paid off, friend! Great job! We all love you!Oscar A Ibarra rocked the house, too!

Deanna Congo





Tonight I went to see Oded Kassirer 's wonderfully acted one man show. It was so great! The story, the acting, the emotional connection. Please go see this show at the Two Roads Theatre on Tujunga. 5 shows left!! Go eat at Aroma Cafe before the show! !

Kelly Mullis



To all my friends in the Los Angeles area: If you are in a mood to see some great theatre, please check out my friend Oded Kassirer's show " The Book of Oded, Chapter 2". It's only going to have six performances, and it's a brave one man show about a man struggling to start the next chapter in his life.

Ben Kenber



Great one man show! Oded Kassirer & Oscar A Ibarra production is vastly witty, hugely entertaining, and a great belly full of laughs. I had the pleasure of enjoying this great show last night.

Jesse Barboza


Just wanted to take a moment to send out a huge CONGRATULATIONS to two friends who stepped out of their comfort zone and turned in two outstanding performances..Maura McGuinness for doing stand-up at Flappers Comedy Club and Oded Kassirer for his beautifully performed one-man-show...both for the first time! Cheers to both of you for being so brave, for sharing a part of your lives and most of all for being so inspiring...BRAVO!!!

Martin Morales


What a fabulous performance & story. You touched my heart!



I'd watch it again. Everyone should see this



Very surprising show with depth and inspiring story. I truly loved it.



Really wonderful story. Thanks so much for sharing. Bravo! Have a great run.



The Book of Oded, Chapter 2 is a beautiful portrait of life, love and everything else in between: Don't Miss It!!!! 



I loved it. Your energy was amazing! Thanks, Oded.



Wonderful! What a journey you took us on. Best of luck on your run.



Fuckin' great! The 75 mins flew by! 



Amazing job on your opening night of your one man show! You have so much love & support! 



It was AMAZING! I cried 3 times & laughed so much! Fantastic Job!



So Beautiful! I'm usually bored at one man-person shows, but with Oded's I was engrossed and filled with emotion. Bravo.



Bravo! Bravissimo! Oded, you were great! Loved it and was totally moved by the beautiful emotions! You truly found your calling@ Looking forward to your continued success!




Bravo! Great show. Great emotionality. Fantastic! 

Allen Levin


It was a very moving chapter. I enjoyed it and would recommend it. Loved how engaged it had the audience. It was a great experience walking along his life.



Very good way to analyze your life and express it with such feeling in a light comical look and with emotion. Congratulations!





OMIGOSH! My heart cried and sang this evening. Wow, Oded, just wow.

Sharon Spence



Excellent show! Truly. Honest. Funny. Tragic. Sincere. Yet all about love. 

Josie Rush



Great show Oded. thank you for opening your life for me to enjoy and learn from

Stroller White


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